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All About myAdhound

Much like a detection dog uses its keen sensory perception to locate a hidden cache, myAdhound™ tracks precisely what you’re looking to buy, trade or sell in classified ads anywhere in North America.

The only difference is, our hound hunts using technical skill rather than a healthy nose!

myAdhound™ doggedly searches the Web for scores of classifieds that advertise anything you can think of , retrieving complete listings of your specific request, so you’re not left chasing your tail.

  • Unleash myAdhound™ to run a general search on any item or service by typing in your keywords; from pets to merchandise to collectibles and more
  • Command myAdhound™ to chase down automobiles, parts and accessories in our special CARS section
  • Direct myAdhound™ to fetch great employment opportunities using access to ads continent-wide

You can even personalize your myAdhound™ and keep your search results on your personal clipboard for future reference or share with a friend by sending them an email. Simply register and set up a free account.

Your free myAdhound™ account makes you master of the classifieds with results that, well, just can’t be RUFF-UTED!

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